Firstly for anyone who sent me PM within this forum and I didnít get back to you when I first posted this lot in January....SORRY!

I donít get much chance to read anything other than my outlook mail and hadnít turned on notifications of new messages on my profile! Doh!

The items below are still up for grabs and Iím sick of tripping over the power amps.

Note that if you add the Speakercraft Easy6, Amps and IR Receivers you have a full multiroom system, 6 zones in and 6 zones out.

The prices below were back then, now I will accept offers. The more you bulk together the cheaper it will get!

PLEASE mail me on rob, at mouser, uk domain.

OK now to the goodiesÖÖ.

***Kramer 4x4 S-Video Matrix Switcher***

This one is the daddy! Boxed, fully working and like new!



***Speakercraft Easy6 IR Routing 6 Zone Pre-Amp***

Supports Xantech receivers and emitters. Full zoning and routing.

Used but I have the original box etc. Complete with the remote. Ccf is also on

Iíll also enclose 6 single emitters.



***Cambridge Audio Power Amplifiers x 6***

Iím fairly certain you canít get these anymore. I have 6. 3 used 24-7 for around 2 years. 3 hardly ever used or switched on! One has some scuffs on the top (From the rack).

All have the 5 year Richer Sounds warranty! With nearly 3 years left on the warranty.

The perfect partners for the Easy6!


***Xantech Micro Link Receivers 490-00 x 6***

Used but boxed.

(Might have a few more of these, but need to dig some more!)

£50 each but would prefer to sell as a job lot so £250 for all 6!
***Nirvis Slink-e + 6 Zone Xantech Adaptor****

Like new, in fact the adaptor is Brand New! Had it made to order by Nirvis after they stopped the distro on the Sink-e (A sad day!). But then I upgraded my AV M.Room system so Itís redundant!



***Xantech URC2***

Reviewed here:

Boxed and as new. Complete with programming cable.



***Xantech SmartPad3 IR Learning Wall Pads***

Iíve got a selection of 2 gang and 1 gang units and key modules. Some are brand new, some I have bought from ebay. Let me know if youíre interested and Iíll dig them out.


***Xantech AV Switcher RS41AV***

This is yet another unused USA Ebay purchase. Youíll need a UK PSU but theyíre ten a penny.