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Thread: Dimming LED light strips - a lot of them!

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    Default Dimming LED light strips - a lot of them!

    Hi all,

    I've got a requirement to have dimming control over nearly 110m of high output 5630 LED strip lights (the plan is not to run them at 100% but do so if required). They run at 30W per meter so looking at around 3300W (plus an additional 20% as not to run the drivers at 100% load) of total power that is required. Admittedly they are not all connected together but some rooms will have around 25m of the stuff. It will be used as mood lighting when dimmed down and supplement general room lighting when not dimmed so low.

    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on the best way to power and control them? At the moment I'm looking at using a bunch of these Triac LED Dimming Drivers connected to QLD outputs but it is starting to look like a rather expensive option considering each one is only 150w and I'm looking at needing atleast 27 of these.


    P.S. I'm beginning to realise that the practicalities of using such high power LEDs may cause more problems than they are worth ...
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