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Thread: How can I do this?

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    Default How can I do this?

    Hi Peeps.

    I am trying to find a solution to do the following...

    I want a single Windows Media Centre in a central location. I then want to be able to "share" this Media Centre around a house using CAT5.

    I want it to be able to connect to a LCD screen using SCART.
    I also want IR passthrough so that I can sit in front of the LCD with an IR keyboard/mouse and control the system.

    I have found a solution to do this but they want 599 for the transmitter and 350 per receiver which I don't consider is cost effective.

    Does anyone know of any systems that can do this?

    Many Thanks


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    Default Re: How can I do this?

    Hi Trevor,

    I think your best and cheap option is to use the KAT5 modules. They run over Cat5e. I believe you can daisy chain these so that the same signal is transmitted to each reciever. I don't know if the IR is daisy chained if you do this? Don't see why not! Especially with the new MK2 version

    Have a look at Loads of info on how to do the multidrop and what you need or just pop keith an email.



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    Default Re: How can I do this?

    Hi Brian,

    Yes, does look like it should be possible using the kat5 system. but only with some changes to cabling.

    I was hoping to be able to use it with the ethernet over power devices sold by devolo -

    Do you think it might be possible over this system?


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    The problem is that you are mixing to signal types in you understanding.

    The Kat5 system, as with other like Nexus and AViLynks use the Cat5e cabling but passes analogue video signals over it.

    Then you talk about ethernet, which is a digital data standard that also uses Cat5e cable for transmission. This is a costly solution as although the distribution is cheap using traditional computer networks the 'decoding' to analogue to feed your local screen will require a pc type machine, may be a hacked X Box or MiniMac. (trade)
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