Hi all,

Me again ... I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on a sensibly priced water flow meter? I saw the thread that Chris created back in 2008 and not much since then so was wondering how people have gotten on with this type of thing? I would like to put them on the hot and cold side of each of the taps, showers and sinks. I'd mainly use them for presence detection so the lights don't go out while you are having a shower, but it's good to know how much water is being used and to have a warning if the kids have left a tap running.

There seems to be 2 main categories of sensor on the market right now, the really cheap plastic ones and the crazy expensive ones and not a lot in the middle.

These cheapo ones are cheap enough to be used on every water connection in the house but I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle of dealing with a leak a few years down the line. The sinks are not so much of an issue if these start to leak but all the showers have valves recessed into walls which would be a little more problematic to change out. There is this one from RS but is the brass housing really worth that much.

As always, any thoughts and ideas are very welcomed