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Thread: MyTotalConnectComfort outage today?

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    FWiW, I have had outages in the past. A comment from Honeywell made me look at the problem from a different perspective as I had long thought that the problem was a loss of contact between the Gateway and the Honeywell server. To cut a long story short, I now believe that the issue is down to co-channel interference between, in my case, an automatic wifi channel changing router and a SONOS speaker mesh. After a discussion with SONOS about transmission breaks, I re-configured my SONOS system to use my domestic wifi. I confess that it had passed me by that if any SONOS speaker is wired, then a mesh is established. I was offered two solutions: a. turn out the automatic channel change on the router and put the mesh and home wifi on spare channels 5 channels apart or, b. disconnect the wired speaker and all speakers will default to the home broadband. I went for B. The speaker interruptions stopped and so did the outage messages.

    It is interesting to note that some Sky Q customers who use the Sky hub are also experience drop outs. The hub establishes a mesh between all the Q boxes.

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    To add my pennyworth to this I have a BT Home Hub 5 which has wifi on 2.5ghz and 5ghz. If you accept its default settings then it automatically chops and changes between them. In the early days I had many problems not being able to access from devices of all types. Reconfiguring it so that it has two separate wifi settings, and you as the user select which you want, cured the problems.

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