Hi all,

You may remember me from the post where I couldn't get the Honeywell Evohome to connect to wifi and support it being pretty useless so I got quite upset with the brand in general and went for the next nice looking one, the Nest 3rd gen ( I know the Evohome has extra functionality because of the valves and stuff but I have had a dumb evohome for a month or so and am ok with it ).

I have a question which is probably incredibly simple but I'd like to check before going ahead.

I need to remove the Honeywell Boiler Relay and replace it with the Nest Heat Link. Neutral and Live are ok as those are named the same but the other 2 wires going into the relay go into A and B but the Nest relay uses numbers instead of letters. One would assume that would be number 1 and 2 but I don't want to risk.

Here's a picture to illustrate.


Can anyone help?

Thank you!