Hi all,

Had Evohome installed for over a year now, very happy with it. I recently managed to get Python to log my room temperatures (target and actual) and plot graphs on Plotly, which has led me to confirm what I've been feeling for a while now - the living room takes ages to warm up!

The following graph shows how the set temp (red trace) and actual room temp (blue trace) changed over the last 24h:

Living Room.jpg

As you can see, the target temperature changes from 10C to 21C at 5.30 am, but it is 8.30 before the room is nearing 21C, which seems long to me. Other rooms seem to heat up much quicker.

The radiator seems to get plenty warm, almost too warm to touch. The radiator size is a 300mm x 1500mm double (which according to spec, is rated at about 5000 BTU/h) but is under the window (see pic). The house is a new build and the living room is 3.9m x 4.3m (ceiling standard height)


What do you think, am I being unreasonable to expect it to heat up quicker?