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Thread: Low Voltage Lights again

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    Default Low Voltage Lights again

    Hi Guys
    Not got to downstairs yet but looking ahead.
    I have some Spot light things, They are kind of Cone shaped with two push in Prongs, 50W 12V so there must be a tansformer for them some where. Which Cbus module can i use for these. Am I right in saying I cant use a dimmer, it would have to be a relay module.


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    Some low-voltage lighting systems are dimmable. For those, the C-Bus 4 or 8 channels dimmers may be used to contol the transformers. The C-Bus relay module may be used on both dimmable and non-dimmable transformers.
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    I have just completed 3 C-Bus installations where EVERY internal switched light circuit was both low voltage and connected to a dimmable transformer. I believe Schneider Electrics (nee Clipsal) have a list of approved transformer types. You need to be careful because the C-Bus system works either on the leading or trailing edge (I can't remember which), so it is best to source from a reputable supplier.

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