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are you still experiencing these overides?

it points to an error with the HR92 controllers in that zone so initially please remove and refit the batteries in the HR92 in that particular zone and see if that cures the behaviors.

if you still experience issues please contact Honeywell Consumer Support with 'phantom override' as title
I am in contact with Honeywell support, and they provided me a "procedure", which seemed to work for one of the zones I had the problem on and used the "fix" on :

Effectively remove the batteries of the HR92 for a few linutes, but NOT within the 4 minutes after the hour or half an hour.
This "fix" worked for me, as this zone is not presenting the issue for a few weeks anymore.
I still need to use the fix on the other zones I have the issue on, but I am monitorig right now.

The fact that Honeywell support secifically told me about those 4 minutes after the hour and half hour let me think they found the root cause of the issue .... to be continued ...