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I've just observed the same issue you describe twice in the last week.

A couple of days ago I overrode the Bathroom from the scheduled 16 degrees to 20 degrees until 11:30 am (about an hour away) via the main controller in preparation for a shower. About 15 minutes later I happened to glance at the controller and to my surprise it was showing a manual override until 11:30 not of 20 degrees, but of 16 degrees...so the temperature never actually changed and the bathroom was still cold... So this problem can also occur in response to a manual override at the controller, where the override temperature (but not override time) get reverted.

An incident earlier in the week I did not directly observe but I caught via my graphs. At a time when the bathroom was scheduled to drop from 20 degrees to 16 degrees there was a small downwards blip on the graph to 16 degrees for one 5 minute sample period and then the temperature was back to 20 degrees again until the next set point change to 5 degrees - some 10 hours away... so in this case it caused the zone to remain too hot for a good 10 hours, as clearly observed when comparing the graph to my set point schedule.

Now that I think back through my time of ownership there have been a few times where a temperature change I thought I had made had not been applied when I came back later - I had put it down to forgetfulness but in hindsight I think its pretty clear that I have seen this happen (albeit very rarely) over a long period of time.

I really hope a proper solution to this with a software update is possible, rather than just workarounds.

Yes, because HR92's in multi-room zones don't override the set point on the controller. The HR92 will still be sending out the set point change that causes the problem, but the controller ignores it, like it used to before the local override display feature was added in a software update.

ok ... here is the status of today with the phantom derogation ... my contact in Belgium is still in contact with the development team I think based in UK.
The proposed solution of swapping the batterines on the HR92, outside of the 4 minutes legacy report sending time seems to work. Problem never happened anymore on the zone I changed the batteries on ...
Putting a zone in "multi" also seemed to work ... I had not seen anymore the issue on a faulty zone being set in Multi

BUT ....

I still have 2 concerns :

1. If the issue is the legacy report being sent within the 4 minutes after a T setpoint change on the Evotouch, then it means following le the problem should happen every day at the same time on the same zone (assuing the egacy report is sent once a day at the same time ...) .... and this is not the case !!! The issue seems to occur some days only.

2. Today I have seen for the first time the same issue appearing on a zone which never presented the issue so far (!!!)

this is worrying me a lot.

P.S. : How much involvement does it cost to implement the log you have with the graphs ? How does it work ?

Many thanks !!