## Ghost zone ##
Some users have reported ghost zones on their evohome system. An extra zone which could appear as blank on the App, sometimes with 62° as the setpoint but no actual room temperature.
This occurs when the unit is
- Is a Wi-Fi edition
- Has Application software version earlier than
- Has lost power and been rebooted (in most cases)

(Please ignore the Wi-Fi software version - latest version is

A ghost zone does not impact the performance of the system or the rest of the zones. It does not appear on the main unit, only appearing the App.

This issue was fixed in the latest firmware release. evohome Wi-Fi with the latest version of the Application software or evohome Non-Wi-Fi models that work with a gateway do not encounter this problem.

## Fix ##
Most evohome Wi-Fi systems receive automatic upgrades and the vast majority are on the latest version of the software and therefore will not experience this issue. In some minor cases the software update has not completed for some reason. Customers who are experiencing a Ghost Zone can quickly be fixed with a push of the new software. To initiate this process please email customer services via getconnected.honeywell.com detailing your Honeywell login address (DO NOT Include your password) detailing the subject heading ‘Ghost zone’

## Software version ##
If you would like to review your software version please
- Press settings
- Press and hold device settings for 10s
- Applications software version, Wi-Fi software version will be displayed