I was trying to find a ZWave solution that will encompass security (motion sensors, door/window sensors, cameras, lock control) and automation (light controls, temperature) in as much as an integrated system as possible.

I was thinking of just using my home server to run Axial Server (http://www.incontrolha.com/download/downloadlist) for the automation with a USB dongle (controller?), then purchase a ZWave security kit similar to http://www.zwaveproducts.com/shop/z-...mation-kit-6pc that has all of the sensors and security panel, and a camera system like http://www.costco.ca/Lorex-8-channel...100248643.html

My concern is having three or four different types of software suites to run in order to control or check up on the house. Does anyone know if there is an all-encompassing software suite that will handle all areas I'm trying to cover? I'd rather not have to use one app to log into my cameras to check the house, then another to check the current temperature, then another to check the last time the security system was disarmed. I'm kind of overwhelmed with all of the Zwave options and not quite sure what I should be purchasing (I've already purchased some ZWave Schlage locks and Nexia Bridge, a ZWave thermostat, and a USB dongle).

Second question, what do I use for a ZWave "controller"? Is there a brain that I use to send the commands to, or does the software on the server (Axial Server) just send commands using the USB dongle to all the other devices? Also, can I use the Nexia Bridge that I got with my Schlage lock, or can that only be used with their online (pay per month) service?

Thanks for the help,