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Thread: 3rings Plug - Or Other Monitoring Products

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    Default 3rings Plug - Or Other Monitoring Products

    I have just received an email about this which set me thinking.

    Are there any other similar products out there? Has anyone set up any non-intrusive monitoring for older but still active parents?

    My dad is now living alone and I am starting to think that something like this may be a good idea. Currently he has broadband so I guess the obvious option could be SmartThings Hub and a plug in socket with the kettle plugged in, and then perhaps an alert every time it is used.

    BTW this brings back memories of giving three rings when I arrived anywhere to say I was safe way before mobile phones.

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    Nice idea, but 12 a month is a bit 'ouch'...


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    Red face No commitment 4 week trial available

    Quote Originally Posted by paulockenden View Post
    Nice idea, but 12 a month is a bit 'ouch'...

    If you go to the buy page on the 3rings site you can sign up for a 4 week free trial. I don't think 12 a month is much for peace of mind and potentially saving a life

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