I'm looking for some advice on setting up a new security system and would appreciate any guidance / opinions / ideas.

Let me start with a bit about what I am hoping to achieve...

The idea behind the system is as crime prevention / evidence gathering for a small business premesis - mostly just protecting IT equipment. I've drawn up the following "wish list", although realise that it may not be practical/affordable to have everything on this list.

* Initial requirement of a single internal camera that can be securely accessed via the web.

* The camera should start recording - preferably saving to a remote location - when any of the sensors are triggered.

* The system should also page/email/sms a couple of contacts when the sensors are triggered.

* Sensors would ideally be a single PIR, 2 door sensors and maybe the sensors that you place on windows to tell if they are broken (the premises has a large shopfront).

* When triggered a light should also be switched on, in order to eliminate the need for low-light / infra-red camera (I thought this would be a cheaper solution - advice on this also welcome).

I have looked at homehub, which seems to be able to cope with most of this. Any experiences of that service would be welcome.

Ideally though we would prefer not to go with an external subscription service.

Our company is a web development agency, so we're not afraid to get involved with the networking / IP side of things.

All admive or thoughts welcomed.