I want to use some form of Home Automation to be more efficient with my heating. I live in a rather rambling cottage that doesnt work well with a single central, thermostat as there is no central location where it can be effective. I want to divide the house into 4 zones, The Office (2 rooms in an attached annex). Lounge and Entry, Kitchen, and Upstairs bedroom and bathroom (All these areas are well defined and seperate from each other). I have a standard boiler with hot water tank that feeds all the radiators on a single circuit. Each radiator has a standard mechanical thermostatic valve.

I can replace all the radiator valves with danfoss LC13 devices and replace the boiler controller with a suitable z-wave controller but what I am not sure about is whether I need a thermostatic controller in each area (or a seperate temperature sensor)and whether I need a seperate Hub or whether this can be combined with the boiler control. In my mind I am thinking Hub and spoke, a controller such as the nCube managing all the zones each consisting of a temperature sensor/thermostat and associated radiators, Finally a simple boiler controller slaved to the hub so that this can decide whether the boiler is on or off.

Would this work or is it overkill, might there be a simpler answer to this problem. Any recomendations or advice would be really helpful