Hello World,

I am doing research in the context of Home Automation, to be more specific in the existing automation engines (software).
Any kind of engines either standalone or parts of home automation systems are my research goal.

I want to experiment with them, shortly if possible, so an important requirement is:
They should be open-source!
And secondary: they should be deploy-able to resource limited devices

I have found quite a few rule-engines (mostly as parts of bigger systems) but not so many of other types (scripting, dsls, etc.)
Some examples are:
1) https://nebrios.com/blog/software-li...w-rule-engines
2) OpenHAB, OpenRemote, Vera, EasyRules, Domoticz, HomeAssistant, Drools, Logic4MQTT, etc.

So, this is where I need your help to reference, mention or whatever any open-source engine (in the domain of home automation) that you have in mind.
I prefer lighting specific engines but general-purpose are also fine.

Thank you in advance.