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    Hey All,

    My first post so hello to you all

    I own a small property in Florida, and what I would like to do is turn off lights and fans and the pool heating etc when the villa is not in use.

    Does anyone know of a wireless system, that can be access from over the internet with a web interface, I do not want a system running on windows, as if it locks up I will have to travel 5,000 miles to reboot it, so Linux or a dedicated OS would be a necessity.

    I do not need anything fancy, just the ability to have power on or off so when the villa is empty I can turn all the lights of and the fans off, and when someone is coming I can set everything back to user control in the house, i.e they would turn a light on as normal.



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    Welcome Spud.

    The most simple method would be something like this...

    If you want to control multiple devices, view the property etc then look at HomeSeer Pro...


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