I am running a mainly LightwaveRF system till now as I liked their sockets and wall switches.
On and off times are controlled by PC based software I have written, it also shows images etc from cameras and weather data on one wall mounted touch screen.
I have 5 IP cameras set up on which images are captured when the PIR is tripped and notified to PC using an Arduino (again a home made script) broadcasting on UDP.

Is there a 433 Mhz PIR that will do a UDP broadcast that I can read using the LightwaveRF box, i.e. bypassing the Ardunio ?
Would like one that also broadcasts a warning when the battery is low.
An Internal and External version is required.

I see a lot out there but not sure how they work as a standalone PIR (i.e. without their master alarm system).

Thanks for help.