I just noticed also something else involving the valves. The evohome fires my boiler every 20 minutes. I just payed attention to it. The living room teperature ask for heat, but the accomanied valve is closed. All the other valves are closed too. Now the Evohome asked my boiler at the next 20 minutes to fire up the boiler. It starts to heat. The pipes are getting hot. But.... where does alle the heat goed. It can' go anywhere (except in the bypass) cause all the valves are closed. It seems to me that this is not efficient causing me to spill gas for nothing. It seems that the two processes (asking the boiler for heat and opening the valves) are taking place totally seperated... I think that is not as it should be... It is either way: or asking heat from the boiler and also opening the valves or the valves are closed but than also there is no need for firing up the boiler.