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Thread: Evohome how to fit HR92s to Giacomini TRVs

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    Default Evohome how to fit HR92s to Giacomini TRVs


    I have an Evhome system setup with my heat only boiler / vented cylinder, to date I have 3 x HR92s but am building my system. Has anyone been able to fit the HR92s to Giacomini's TRVs (see link below)? The thermostatic head has a clip on system to the TRV valve. I have tried using the collar that cam with the HR92 but the shaft inside does not seem long enough to push down the TRV.

    Any thoughts (thanks in advance).


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    For the sake of 9 per rad and 10 minutes of a plumbers time I would strongly suggest replacing the radiator valves with Honeywell ones.

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