Hi there,

I'm using FHEM for a couple of devices (somfy, homematic, weather, etc) on one side.
On the other side I'm using Arduino/ESP8266 devices.

I now realized that the most flexible way to organize my data is put it all to MQTT (readings + commands)
and use Node-Red for quick and easy wiring (i.e. most of the logic is put there).

What I would like to do on top of this now is a) visualize and b) control (switches, inputs) all this.
Ideally in some kind of home automation dashboard.

The data is available on postgresql already through FHEM and additionally obviously via MQTT.
I could program it myself but that's usually not very flexible.

The projects I found so far are:

- thingspeak (read only?)
- easyiot
- ibm bluemix (expensive so not an option)

Can anyone recommend solutions to do this? Basically with my setup I want to end up with a nice dashboard
to visualize and control my house.

Thank you,