Hi, we've had Tado installed for a couple of years now (pretty much since it's UK launch) but within the last couple of weeks it's been showing fairly frequent disconnections according to the graphs that are accessible within the iPhone app.

Now, the setup we have is as follows:

Tado bridge with a direct cable connection to our router, which in turn is connected to an FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) modem. We have a static IP address at home and have external monitoring for the connection which would detect outages in the internet connectivity. A typical days internet connectivity is shown below:

The Tado bridge connects wirelessly to a Tado wall box (wired to the boiler) and a Tado wireless solar powered thermostat which replaced an old Honeywell rotary thermostat on our landing.

When the graphs show a "disconnection", the link LED on the bridge is flashing which as I understand, means it can't talk to anything wirelessly. Tado support haven't been great, other to generally hand wave and say one of my neighbours must be causing "interference" and that I should move the bridge closer (although they don't specify which component in particular to move it closer to, the thermostat or the wall box)

The graph below shows disconnections where the line drops down to the bottom of the screen:


Has anybody else experienced similar issues with their Tado and managed to resolve? If so, how?