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Thread: Help planning out house wide UFH?

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    Default Help planning out house wide UFH?

    As title states, family home is being renovated with UFH throughout, but we are scratching our head what route to go down in terms of planning it out. We will be using the Evohome kit, with individual rooms controlled. We would like to keep it 8 'controlled' zones, due to that being the maximum number Evohome can control off one UFH control unit - we dont mind the likes of hallways being left 'always on'

    Bedrooms, kitchens, lounge etc is obvious to control individually, but what is the ''done'' thing for hallways, bathrooms, utility rooms etc?

    Due to it being an older property we are using heat spreader plates with kingspan & rockwool underneath throughout. Engineered wood thoughout downstairs, carpets upstairs with tiles in bathrooms. This will be in the Peak District, so a cold climate and semi-well (retrofitted) insulated house.

    Manifold will be mounted 'behind' the open front door, in the downstairs hallway, opposite the cellar door (ignore the ''porch'' area outside the front door, now deleted)

    Any advice form those who have UFH systems thoughout?

    Many thanks!
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