Finally got around to rehousing the Cortex installation on to the new Windows 7 machine

All in all, it was relatively painless, the license transfer worked like a charm with no issues what so ever. I did make sure I had the licence output of the original installation as you have to make sure that the owner and company are exactly the same else you end up with "bad key" issues. Besides that it was the usual disabling of the UAC and the need to run as admin. Like Paul I did my best to keep UAC active but there was no practical way to get around the issue. It would be nice if Cortex ran as a service ... hint hint for version 28

As for the hardware; I've been running the install off an old Acer Revo (Intel Atom 1.6GHz) and it's been coping OK, even with a camera on there (around 60% utilization) but the intention was to have multiple cameras so a machine with a bit more omph was needed. In the end I decided to go down the DIY build path using hardware that was as power efficient as I could get (within reason) and that are readily available in the event of a hardware failure.

Final system comprises of a Intel Core i5 6600T with a Noctua NH-L12 cooler, Gigabyte GA-H110m-S2, Kingston SSD, 4GB DDR4, 300W 80+ Gold PSU and HTPC case. I also had to add a WD Purple 4TB drive for the video recording side of things. The power meter I have is showing the system running at 20-22W with Cortex and the video management system running (around 19W at idle) and a stress test showed that it will pull a maximum of 50W. I was curious to see how much power the WD drive was taking and it was around 5W when busy which is spot on to what the specs said. There are also multiple 120mm case fans to keep temperatures in the little cupboard under control. It's no where near the 4.5W of the FitPC but I already have a 3MP and a 4MP camera on there with plans for additional 4MP cameras in the not too distant future.

I'm quite pleased with the outcome and it makes working on the system so much more bearable than on the Revo (it was running a SSD too, I don't think I could have worked with it if it didn't have a SSD).

One thing I did notice after moving the databases over to the new machine was that the lighting scenes didn't go over. Everything else seems to have gone over but all the lighting scenes were blank.