I am looking for some opinions on my next moves with my home automation.
Currently I have Fibaro HC2 that controls my boiler, an energy monitor, motion sensor, some radiator stats and a few other devices I still need to integrate, my experiences so far with Fibaro have not been great, the HC2 failed within a year so went back for repair, on return my scenes were ok but no devices, some I have reconnected but a couple just refuse to be seen (i have a replacement for the relay module that handles the boiler that I hope to install soon). All in all I have not found it easy to get devices, especially non Fibaro ones to work so am not exactly in love with the HC2 right now.
I was hoping to get either an Amazon Echo or a Google Home unit to play with over xmas but it seems like neither will be straight forward to get integrated with the HC2.
So basically I am looking for some opinions on where people are going currently with whole house automation with voice control (and something more than just lights on etc.)