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Thread: Meet homeone! We think this will change the game!

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    Lightbulb Meet homeone! We think this will change the game!

    Hey HA boys and girls! We're preparing to launch a new line of home automation.

    We are convinced that this is the next generation smart-home system. Homeone is home automation redesigned from the ground up. Itís infinitely customizable with AI and Community developed routines; gesture, voice, app and wearables controlled; and with all-in-one multi-purpose devices that monitor, activate commands and keep you notified. and it's gorgeous!

    We're doing soft launch of our website.

    check us out at:

    Please let us know what you think, your feedback is invaluable to us. We're also happy to answer every and any question you might have.

    All early subscribers have a chance to win a homeone kit. Join us!


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    Hello everyone!

    Our site is up and running. Come and learn more about our approach to home automation. You won't be dissapointed.

    In a nutshell we're taking all the issues we found in current HA systems and developed solutions for them.

    -Problem: HA systems have clunky stand-alone sensors. OUR SOLUTION: miniturize the sensors and pack multiple sensors into the products.

    -Problem: Rule-sets are complicated to make and the available programming languages are limited. OUR SOLUTION: Create an easy to use and robust Rule builder that uses graphical blocks instead of programming.

    -Prolem: I don't want to set my HA up, it takes too long and/or it's complicated. OUR SOLUTION: Create an one step pairing system and an A.I. assistant smart enough to recognize, suggest and implement the automation rule-sets that best fit your home.

    -Problem: using an app to control the HA system is clunky. OUR SOLUTION: Give voice, touch, app and desktop control platforms so you can choose the way you want to interact with your smart home.

    Those are just a few of the amazing features Homeone will bring.

    We're launching on Kickstarter later this month.

    Learn more at:

    All the best!
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    Nice! Has it launched in Kickstarter?

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