Hey guy's

I have been looking at different heating controls all over the forum and i have come up with these 2 the ( SMS text message heating control ) which is, The unit itself is a GSM module called a ‘David’ from Czech manufacturers Jablotron. It also has many possible applications adaptions, and the ( eQ-3 MAX ) One solution that’s being discussed in there more and more is ‘MAX!’ from German manufacturer ( eQ-3 ). A system of inexpensive components including wireless battery operated TRV’s that easily retro-fit to your existing radiators without the need for a plumber, or to drain your system. Once MAX! is installed, it will control each radiators motorised valve individually, creating a zoned heating system with higher efficiency and in turn reduced bills.

The eQ-3 MAX is cheaper and seems to do more the SMS texting control is flash and would still do pretty much what i want but the product is a lot further up the price range!

What is everyone's thought's???