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Thread: RDP and loss of sound windows 8.1

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    Default RDP and loss of sound windows 8.1

    I previously used a batchfile with the tscon.exe command posted by Gumby to disconnect my RDP sessions from cortex, otherwise there was a complete loss of sound as the RDP session was not disconnected properly.

    This does not seem to work with windows 8.1 (just belatedly upgraded from XP due to death of old PC). With a bit of googling, it appears that microsoft now increment the RDP session number with each login.

    So my new batch file contains

    for /l %%x in (0, 1, 100) do tscon.exe %%x /dest:console

    this gives a series of tscon commands with session numbers from 0-100 and this seems to disconnect the RDP session and reconnect the sound properly. This needs to be saved as a .bat file somewhere not on the desktop, then rightclick, send shortcut to desktop. Go into the shortcut properties, select shortcut, advanced and check run as administrator.

    Now double click on this shortcut to finish your RDP session and sound will work from cortex.

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    not sure I follow - but TeamViewer works for us ... !

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    An alternative might perhaps be to connect through RDP without taking over the sound (i.e. leaving the sound to be played on the remote computer). This way all messages sent by cortex while you are connected through RDP would still reach their intended destinations.


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