Unfortunately due to personal circumstances I need to sell my complete Idratek installation which consists of over 60 different modules which have been amassed over the past few years. Some of them have only been installed for a few months (and some didn't even make it!) Ideally I would like to sell it as a job lot as opposed trying to pack/post individual items so would be ideal for someone who is starting from scratch and wants to do a whole house. Collection is preferred or I may be able to deliver depending on where you are as I am traveling the country a bit at the moment but I will ship at cost if required but the crate everything is in is very heavy - 21Kg+

There are also a couple of Hager VB54R DIN rail enclosures which have been used so have some holes in the back board. Also comes with a load of the Idratek plugs, some distribution boards and some housings. I also have an external LTH somewhere which will be included if I can find it.

Couldn't attach a PDF file to the post as it is size limited but PM me if you want it e-mailed or the Excel but below is a list of all the modules and the current list price from Idratek as a guide to what it would cost purchasing them new. I am not expecting to get near that so make me an offer.

Module Quantity List Price Total Price Comments
24V RAD 1 23V Supply to drive AXT111 Valves via Relay unit
4 WAY POWER 1 Starter Set power dist board
AXT111 VALVE 5 Electronic motor to drive TRV Valves
DRB001 1 55.00 55.00 2 Relay 2 button (Gen 1)
DFPH02 8 273.00 2,184.00 Multi Function Display panels
DRB002 5 55.00 275.00 2 Relay 2 button
DRH002 4 55.00 220.00 2 13A relay
IPS 002 1 297.00 297.00 Steel boxed Power supply with backup battery and key
ITR001 1 56.00 56.00 IR Send/Receive
ITR002 1 56.00 56.00 IR Send/Receive
PCA001 2 62.00 124.00 Serial Idratek interface. Only 1 Cable (unless I find other)
PCU001 1 67.00 67.00 USB Idratek Interface - May have a second
PTH001 2 63.00 126.00 "PIR, Temp & Humidity (no longer available from Idratek)"
PTS001 3 63.00 189.00 PIR & Temp
QAI002 2 45.00 90.00 4 Analogue Inputs
QAO002 1 48.00 48.00 As above but brand new
QBI002 2 45.00 90.00 4 Button & LED
QLD001 9 117.00 1,053.00 4 channel Dimmer. 1 Unit has 1 broken channel.
QLD001 1 117.00 117.00 As above but brand new
QRH001 4 88.00 352.00 4 x 16A relay
QRI002 2 82.00 164.00 4 x 4A relay
QTI001 5 69.00 345.00 4 x 1A Relay for LED/CFL switching
REMOTES 3 3 IR remotes for use with DFP/IR units Brand new
SLD002 1 57.00 57.00 Single 250W dimmer
SLD002W 3 57.00 171.00 As above but brand new
SRH002 1 55.00 55.00 1 x 10A relay
XRM002 5 11.00 55.00 Relays for use with DFP panels (and others) 3 brand new.
Grand Total 6,246.00