Just wanted to see if there is any interest for a meeting/workshop for Idratek users and perhaps potential users.
We have a hotel on an island in Northern Greece. The name of the hotel is Ipsario Garden Hotel and the name of the island is Thassos.
We have been using the Idratek system since start three years ago.

We where thinking of a meeting of 4 days or so with interesting discussions in a very nice atmosphere somewhere around May next year. We will of course leave plenty of time for other activities in the beautifull surroundings so that wifes/husbands/partners/kids can join as well.

I have spoken with Karam about this and he has promised to participate and give us some insights on their roadmap for the future. Perhaps he will also give us som tips and trick;-)

You can read more about our hotel on our website ipsario.com or on facebook with the link below.


For this to work there need to be a certain minimum of participants so I would like to get some feedback from the community.

Kind Regards Glenn