I'm at the planning stage prior to beginning a (mostly) DIY HA project. From the beginning I've assumed I'd go with z-wave for lighting control However, I'm reassessing the merits of this and would appreciate the views of others more experienced with real-life merits of lighting controls.

The main things concerning me is that I want to avoid:

* Unacceptable delay between entering a room and lights turning on
* Lights coming on in a rippling cascade unless that's a requirement of a scene

Is this unavoidable if using wireless lighting control? What options do I have to avoid switching lag? Some I'm considering are:

* Lutron : This will work but I don't know how their lighting control works. I believe they use powerline and wireless signalling? They also have a hub that I could integrate to from my master hub, which is good.
* Loxone : I'll need to rewire the house for this right? I don't think this one will fly tbh

A constraint I have is that I don't want to be fundamentally altering the wiring plan of the house. That is, I don't want possible future buyers getting scared by non-standard electrical wiring. That said I am willing to run cables if the scope of that work is relatively limited.

So, how do I go about ensuring my lighting will be free of latency issues?