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Thread: Web URL Based Automation App

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    Default Web URL Based Automation App


    I have a control product that uses web URLs to send commands to a programmed control pad but the manufacturer's web interface is pretty poor and non-configurable. What I need is a bit of advice on how to put a button into a website that I create that when clicked, goes to this URL in the background so it doesn't mess up the front end.

    Where xxx is the IP, the Url command is

    There are 8 buttons id=1 through to 8 and sending that url will click the button. The rest I can sort out but I'm really stuck in how to send the above in the background as the web software I use will either open that URL in the current window or a new window or tab.

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    How experienced are you with Javascript?

    You can do an ONCLICK attribute inside of an A or BUTTON tag, to call a function, then in that function just do a XMLHttpRequest.

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