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Looking for some help / advice

I have an 11 zone evohome system and managed to connect it to my Echo earlier this week.......happy days !!

Initially I just tested it out with some simple temp set commands but didn't really use in anger.

Went to use it use yesterday and Alexa is telling me the '(Zone) not responding'. I got the same message when I try to set the temp in any zone.

I went in end disabled the skill, re-enabled and refound all the zones.....and the commands were back working

Got up this morning and the '(Zone) not responding' message is back

Wondered if anyone else has encountered this problem and if so how to fix it

Same for me. I got my Dot last night and set it up and tested it in the Living Room and it worked fine (simple temp commands). Tried tonight and I got something along the lines of it not being recognised or responding BUT I opened the Evo app and the change had happened.