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P.S. I would think the Alexa - Honeywell 'Skill' is in the US version as well.

P.P.S. I noticed you can change the Language now between English (UK), English (US) and German in the Settings | Language option of the Alexa App...
Perhaps this the 'Skill' and the voice are all you really wanted?

From what I read this is not the same as changing the devices registered Locale. Changing the local had to be done 'manually', at least for the moment.
Of course that could change, due to data protection and other legal framework influences. 'Caveat emptor' though....
thanks for your reply, sadly the US version of the honeywell skill is tied to the US total connect site, which differs from the EU site. I made a new account on the US total connect site but i can't register the evohome, probably because they dont sell the evohome in the US. If Honeywell would have 1 international database it could've worked that way! I read that IFTTT will come to the UK early '17, so i'll hold off a bit longer before switching to the uk version.

Do you have echo's in multiple rooms? Or does your family give commands in a central room? Also, specifically for honeywell, do you also have separate control units in each rooms or do you just have the HR92's?