Good Evening everyone,

I am new to HA and just getting started. I have started with a Raspberry Pi running Home Assistant and a Aeontec Z-Stick. I will probably move up to something a bit different once I have got to grips with it all like Vera Plus or Samsung SmartThings but I figured this would get me started.

The first thing I would like to get is a light switch for my lounge. Currently my lounge has two light fixtures and each one has 3 bulbs and those bulbs are 4Watt LEDs (none dimmable).

The current light switch is a two switch on/off and the lights are 2 wire (so there are 4 wires in total, 2 for each fixture).

What I would like to do is get rid of the light switch and put in a zwave switch that can be controlled either via a physical switch or via z-wave. Ideally I would like to keep them separate loads so we can switch one end of the room on/off differently from the other end however I wouldn't mind joining them to one load if that was needed. I would however like a switch that can be dimmed despite not having dimmable bulbs because I can replace them with dimmable LED's at a later date. The dimming feature only needs to be controlled via zwave however the physical switch can just be simple on/off for what I care. I would also like this new zwave switch to fit as a replacement for my current switch not requiring me to do any modification to the wall etc its a standard UK light switch fitting.

Please can someone help point me to the right product I need I am very very very confused and have been researching for weeks and really don't want to buy the wrong kit.

Thanks in advance!