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Thread: IFTTT - Evohome setpoint override cancel?

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    Default IFTTT - Evohome setpoint override cancel?

    Hi All,
    I have setup a quick bodge using a SmartThings virtual on/off switch to trigger a handful of IFTTT recipes, which turn off 4 zones on my Evohome if we go bed before the scheduled 'off' (read, 10c set points).

    This works, however I wanted SmartThings to then switch off the virtual switch via a schedule, which in turn would then remove the override on the zones and hand back control to the schedule. It seems as though being able to do this is missing! Only options I have are to set a permanent temperature setting, or set the over ride for a number of hours.

    I have got around this by setting the override for 5 hours which is flexible enough to not be a problem, but if I accidently hit this virtual switch I would then have to go through each zone removing the over ride so not 100% ideal.

    Is this the way its going to have to be, or is there some hidden gem that I am missing?

    I realise that there is a home brew ST integration app, but it didn't seem to work all that great so still holding out (wishful thinking!) for the official integration, but until then I would like to make my life a little easier!

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    I have a SmartThings bodge that turns my heating off when the back door is opened for more than a minute. It works at system rather than zone level.

    What I do is store the current mode (which might be normal, eco, off, away, etc), so that I can then restore that mode once the door closes. maybe you could do something similar at zone level?


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