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Thread: Evohome Controller Base and Wall Mount issues

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    Default Evohome Controller Base and Wall Mount issues

    I find the Evohome Controller can be easily be separated from the base unit, for example just lifting up the unit often leaves behind the base.

    So, I purchased the wall mounting unit (with transformer that fits inside a 40mm pattrese box) and the same thing happens to it on there, even the slightest touch has it off the wall, so I'm wondering if anyone brushes past it, the first thing that will happen is the display will be off and fall to the ground and because we have a wooden floor the display might end up being damaged on impact.

    I'm going to apply some Blutack to the slot to help reduce the possibility of it falling off - unlike the rest of the system, not such a good design IMO

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    I agree, it is a bit too loose on the wall mount. We also have the wall mount above a hard wood floor so I imagine there would be significant damage from falling.

    I can imagine small children who can only just reach it pushing it up slightly in an attempt to fiddle with it only for it crash to the floor.

    I find the looseness also causes it to rock in the mount when I use the bottom right corner of the touch screen.

    A couple of small dots of blue tack sounds like a good idea, I might try that as it stays in the wall mount nearly all the time.

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