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Thread: BDR91 Back Boxes

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    Default BDR91 Back Boxes

    If your fitting the Honeywell BDR91 to a back box you may well find that some back boxes will not allow the BDR91 to fit, some folks then fit a blank face-plate and drill it to allow cable entry to the BDR91, well after going through 5-different makes (MK, MB, LAP, Schneider Lisse... etc) I found these that allow the BDR91 to clip nicely into place:

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    I can second this. But in my case I stumbled upon these simply by chance. I was pleasantly surprised when they fit so well. The curved inside corners of the back box, makes the BDR91 slot into place.

    If drilling a blank plate is not your thing, then use one of those Brush strip blank plates.

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