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I honestly think that for the typical user that would just make things overly complicated.

And in all the time I've had Evohome installed I can't remember ever wanting to run two quick actions in parallel.

I know you're very enthusiastic for this, but (for once) I quite strongly disagree with you.

Also, many of us have a 'wife acceptance factor' to deal with (or the reverse in the case of Mavis). I think I'd really struggle to get Mrs O to grasp layered quick actions. She struggles enough with basic Evohome as it is. In fact we had the "why can't we go back to having a simple thermostat in the hall?" conversation only a few days ago.
I take your points, but wasn't it you that argued for an optional "expert mode" in the UI some time ago ? Perhaps both newbies and power users could be accommodated with the same software with a bit of clever UI design and a normal/expert mode.

I'm afraid I do find the quick actions artificially limiting and quite clunky just for regular day to day use. I frequently find myself having to work around them to do common tasks rather than feeling that they are working for me.