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Thread: Controlling wet underfloor heating

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    Default Controlling wet underfloor heating

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone has thoughts on how better to control a wet underfloor heating system? Has anyone any thoughts on how to analyse the rate of fall and then engage the boiler before the temperature dips below the heating threshold? Our ground floor is a wet UFH system which is buried into a 50mm liquid screed, so at the moment it takes around 40mins from point of heating engaging to room temperature rising. In addition, the room temperature keeps rising for around 2hrs after the boiler has disengaged, so again the rate of rise would need to be analysed and then boiler disengaged before the temperature reaches its set point.


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    Could be a case for trying one of the 'advanced' controllers. Contact me for further guidance.

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    we have wet UFH on two floors, worked from an ASHP, which also heats a pool & tops-up the hot water (primary source solar) ...

    we use multiple HVAC objects, one for each ... with target temperatures set at two levels, according to time, to manage priorities, whilst ensuring short-falls are covered ...

    big demand, small supply - and it works near-perfectly ...

    start assuming two hours for heat to feed through, then tune in the light of experience (Cortex being brilliant for keeping track on what's gone on) ...

    trickiest part was coping with vagaries of the weather - ie: sunshine very variable - and so getting the logic right for when the ASHP source should be brought into play for the DHW ... and managing heat dump, on sunniest summer days ... not too difficult, though, with General Logic to Enable & Disable, as seemed best ...
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