Investigating the best ways to wire up my new home at the moment. Fairly set on how all the 240v lighting will be configured, but now I'm looking at how best to power/connect RGB strips to the central location where the controller is located.

Cable lengths between the controller and lighting will be between 7-15m. With lengths of RGB strip varying from a few meters to around 6m.
Current PSU used for testing is a Mean Well LPV-60-12.

I see a few ways this could be wired:

  1. 240v fused spur located close to RGB strip, 240v > 12v PSU, LED RGB amplifier. Cat 5e cable run to central location to carry PWM signals
  2. 240v > 12v DIN PSU at central location, LED RGB amplifier located close to strip. 2 core cable for 12v and Cat 5e cable for PWM both run back to central location
  3. 240v > 12v DIN PSU at central location, LED RGB amplifier located at central location. 4 core cable for 12v run back to central location

To help prevent voltage drop, solution 1 would probably be best but likely to cost more to install due to requiring an electrician to install multiple fused spurs. But the other solutions could be costly too.

Few questions

  • Any other possible solutions?
  • Which approach, if any is mostly used in professional installs?
  • What sort of 2/4 core cable could be used to power the strips from a central location considering voltage drop over longer runs?
  • Assuming theres little difference in usability between solutions 2/3 besides the need to run an additional cable?