Good Evening Guys,

I have my controller all setup ready to go (Home Assistant running on Raspberry pi with Aeontec USB Gen5) I have been messing around with non-zwave abilities of the system however the wife has instructed me to go ahead and get the first z-wave automation sorted which happens to be our garden light.

Now this light is a traditional light with a weird build (I don't want to change that at this time) and its controlled by a switch indoors, however, this switch has 3 switches on it:


The first switch controls the outside light. The second switch controls the downstairs hallway lights (there is also another switch that controls these lights) and the third switch controls the upstairs landing lights (again another switch upstairs also controls these lights)

Behind the switch there is an earth cable then for switch one it looks like a red and blue cable connected together and a yellow. The second switch two reds connected together and a blue and the third switch has a yellow and a red cable. (Unless I am not understanding what cables are for what switch):



So what I would like is a 3-way switch that I can connect each of those loads to. I want to retain a physical switch of some description for switching the loads on and off but also the ability to use z-wave to switch the lights on and off. Does anyone have any suggestions pretty please?

Second part of this question is the downstairs and upstairs lights also have additional switches do these have to be upgraded to z-wave switches at the same time or can I leave them as manual old-fashion switches for now:



Any help is VERY MUCH appreciated thanks. Really lost as to what I need. I have so many ideas to try and achieve but I need to get over this first hurdle.