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    Default temperature settings for evohome

    Dear all,

    This is more of a generic question rather than one that is specific to evoHome. I've had evoHome running for a good week now, and as of yesterday have now fitted all rads in the house with HR92s, creating 8 zones in total.

    I'm monitoring gas and electricity usage with Loop and use evologger to log actual / target temperatures for all zones. I use a slighly modified version of pyloopenergy to log gas / electricity to a spreadsheet as well, and am now able to offset evoHome demands and gas usage, which is really interesting.

    I'm looking at chrisgare's graphs in envy (here) - my gas usage is jumping all over the place - and I think this boils back down to the fundamental question of "is it more efficient to keep the house at an acceptable base temperature, rather than letting it cool down completely in the night and heating it back up in the morning"...

    I'll use my worst room as an example. The graph attached is the dining room, which was built as an extension to the house many years ago. It has two outside walls, has a big window and a set of French doors, and is generally the coldest room in the house full stop.

    From the graph you can see how the heating goes off at around 8 PM. In evoHome I've set the zone to 10 deg during the night and the room gradually cools down until it reaches 13.5 degrees. The schedule for this room should heat it up to 20 deg for 8AM. You can see how optimum start kicks in at around 7. It then takes a full two hours for the room to come up to about 19 degrees.

    So I guess the question is - would I be better off not letting the temperature drop that low in the night and set it at a constant 16 for instance? Everybody I have spoken to so far has a different opinion I'd be very interested to hear everybody's thoughts on this...

    Many thanks - Martin
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