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Thread: temperature settings for evohome

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    Quote Originally Posted by HenGus View Post
    I think that we need to be careful with the term OFF as it applies to Evohome. In the 'olden' days, OFF usually meant that the heating was in an off period as set on the timer. I think what is being referred to here is the setting of low zone temperatures with Evohome heating remaining in an enabled or ON setting.
    Indeed. When I say turning zones off I mean scheduling the zones to 5 degrees. Which I do for all rooms except bedrooms at night, and do for all rooms when the house is empty during a working day.

    It should be pointed out for any Evohome newbies reading that all the "OFF" quick action on the controller actually does is schedules all zones to 5 degrees and leave them there. So the heating will go off, but still has frost protection as any individual radiator can and will come on if a room tries to drop below 5 degrees, and this will call for heat and fire the boiler to do so.

    So scheduling all zones to 5 degrees is identical to using the OFF quick action. (Although you can change the OFF temperature in settings - it defaults to 5)

    The H92's also have an OFF setting of their own by adjusting the dial which is different - this is truly OFF - it both ignores set point changes and schedules from the controller AND disables frost protection, so I'd strongly discourage its use. It's only really there for if you were disconnecting a radiator, but in that case I would remove the HR92 as well and just leave the manual wheel screwed down or remove it and fit a painters cap to the TRV body.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DBMandrake View Post
    I'm not sure about this Paul. Have you confirmed this effect in a room that uses a remote wall sensor, or are you basing this on rooms using the HR92 as a sensor ?
    The former. And it's not so much the 'thermometer on the coffee table' effect (that's still measuring air temp, mostly), it's the temperature of the coffee table itself. And unless it has direct line of sight to the radiator it won't be warmed by radiated heat.

    I fine it takes a good couple of hours for the 'fabric' of my house (and I don't just mean the building) to warm up properly.


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    Warming (or cooling) the fabric is an interesting subject.

    The effect is particularly noticeable in a car left in the sun for a few hours. When you get in, anything metal is too hot to touch, but get the aircon going for a while, and it will bring the air temperature down fairly quickly, but it then takes quite a while (maybe 20+ minutes) before the metal parts are cool, but eventually they give up their heat to the cooler air and become cool themselves.

    In a room, it is noticeable if the room has just been heated and reached its correct temperature, that the furniture, particularly leather sofas, and heavy wooden tables, might still be cool. Give them half an hour, and they will warm up to reach the same temperature as the air. Whether you want everything at the setpoint, or just the air, is for you to decide, based on your personal comfort/cost compromise. I'm prepared to warm the sofa with my butt, to save half an hours heating

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    I'm with G4RHL on overnight settings. All zones are set to 10deg C at bed-time setpoints and come back on at 6.50 or as required. I have actually never tried optimised operation, preferring to set my own schedules and temps. Works for me so far.

    We have one bedroom over internal garage and in recent cold snap I checked the temp at 4 a.m. and it fallen to 10deg so HR92 may have requested heat from the boiler. I think leaving rooms to drop to 5deg C (on off setting) loses more house fabric heat that warranted, so 10deg C for me.

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