I need a general cabling specialist who can visit my (central London) flat and re-route various telephone (3 lines), cable TV and analogue TV feeds through a common trunking (surface mounted conduit is fine.
He/she will have to be familiar with PABX (telephone connections, NTL coax connections, NTL ethernet connections and analogue coax connections.
I could probably do it myself, but am loathe to tamper.
I don't need a flash (high cost) home-automation guru, just someone familiar with all the above various connections - who charges reasonable rates.
Probably only a couple of hours work, all in all.
Most of the existing cables will be long enough for rerouting - they just all look a horrible mess, tacked along skirting boards, architraves etc...
Has anybody any suggestions either as regards where to look or actual names, that they can either post or pm me?