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I don't find them noisy. Unobtrusive is in my case a more appropriate word. What are noisy, unless they have done something about them, are LightwaveRF 's unit. A dreadful noise. Mine went back and I went for Evohome. No regrets. It just of course may be your valves as mentioned by others and HR92 having more work to do. On two of my radiators I have had to use the adaptor and on one now the HR92 occasionally fires off. I suspect the valve is getting old and sticking causing more effort from the HR92 although it has not become noisier. I have replacement valves for all my radiators and just waiting for one original to fail and then I'll replace the lot. I am not sure there can be a silent unit as there is work to do but the noise is barely noticeable.
Thanks for that, however my HR92s are obtrusive for sure. And looking at those videos I posted above it would appear you can at least do something about the noise from LightwaveRF units. All my valves are pretty new and only two of them needed adapters. One of the adapters, if anything, is slightly more quiet but not by much.

I'm not expecting silent, but something that doesn't turn the heads of guests to ask "what was THAT" and that doesn't wake up me, my wife and my children would be a great start!