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Thread: Evohome is Noisy - please help me

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    The response quoted from Honeywell did actually give a suggestion of using a wired MT8 head instead of an HR92 if complete silence was critical. This is operated by a relay and will still give control of the radiator and room temperature, so nothing is being "taken away". I wasn't even aware of the MT8 until that post so interesting to see that there is a wired option that doesn't use a motor to control the valve.

    Of course you would need a wall mounted thermostat in the room somewhere to measure the temperature and (optionally) adjust the set points - something like a DTS92 or Y87RF as it doesn't look like the MT8 has a sensor of its own, or any controls but personally I think a remote sensor is a good idea in a bedroom anyway, especially if you leave the window ajar at night. We have a DTS92 in our bedroom near the head of the bed to get a more accurate measurement of the room temperature where the occupants are instead of the reading being influenced by cold air from the window, and find this gives a much more consistent, comfortable temperature through the night than using the HR92's built in sensor.
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