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If you sleep with the window ajar as we usually do then a remote DT92 is definitely recommended. As you note cold air coming down from the window across the HR92 will affect the reading and cause the radiator to come on when it shouldn't, and it is quite difficult to find a set point that is comfortable on any given night, or works well as the seasons change. We added a DTS92 to the bedroom for this reason - on the wall above the head of the bed and it works brilliantly.

if you have the Wi-Fi controller all you need to do is go into the zone configuration for the zone and select a new sensor, bind the DTS92 and you are done. If you have the older controller you'll have to go through the binding process for the zone again, binding the DTD92 first and the HR92 second.
Ok that seems like the best option for us then and it will allow me to cover the HR92 completely if I want to. Is it possible to buy the DTS92 without the relay box? Everywhere I look they seem to be sold as a pair.