Hi, I'm new to the forum,thanks for having me.Basically I was all set to go for evohome then lightwave was mentioned, any advice for me based on the following. I have an old 1950s house with 13 radiators in total. I spend roughly 1200 PA on gas heating. I have looked at evohome as an option for a new smart heating mechanism but to cover the new wifi controller and subsequent trvs it woud be almost 1000. Really all I need is my house split into upstairs/downstairs as my biggest loss is keeping the heating on around 19.5/20 overnight via our wireless cm927 honeywell controller kept in our bedroom (we have 2 small children so need consistent heat level for them). This means the downstairs warms to this level also, bar some minor manual permanent tweaks on indivdual radiators such as dining room. Is there a better option if i want to minimise zones and still have control, even over 2 different levels? Also is this difficult to install or could I do it myself and what happens my valiant ecotec 831 combi boiler and water heating if I do this? Many thanks