Iím not sure if i have lost my pump overrun feature, i had the hot water on today and boiler was running at 78C, Evo HWstat reached temp and boiler cut off, and then the pump switched off about 10 seconds later. I would have thought at such a high temp i would have seen it stay on much longer like it did pre evo.

I had pump overrun switched on at the evo controller for 2 minutes, and the BDR did stay on with the valve open, but the pump being powered by the boiler was off, so pointless.

Just thinking as i have disconnected the orange and grey cables from the valves in the junction box, have i now stopped the overrun? Looking at Honeywells pump overrun wiring the Orange cables are connected to the switched live on the boiler. but Fig 9 in the evo book says "if a wireless boiler relay is used the Grey/Orange cables are not required"

S Plan design, with Opentherm controlling the boiler and BDR runnin ghot water valve.

Many thanks